Arts and Crafts everywhere – New Orleans Blog Series #6

I loved meeting some of these lovely people sharing and selling their arts in New Orleans at the Gumbo Festival.  There were so many more I didn’t get to take pictures of because my camera and phone died. Here are some of my favorite.

camera through new orleans 215Beautiful Louis Armstrong Park in downtown New Orleans

camera through new orleans 212

This lady was incredible.  She could knit and crochet anything! Check out the custom made pillows she does from your photograph! Roycelyn Dequair, Owner: MsCrochetjig Creative Crochet  You can find her here:

camera through new orleans 200

Of course I had to stop at the soap man’s booth. I loved his soap. They are hot processed and big, chunky soaps.  He’s really taken off in New Orleans and has his soaps in lots of stores and even Whole Foods. You can find him here.  William Terry – Bayou Soap Co.

camera through new orleans 199

This guy made some incredible metal art. So talented. I loved this BUTT art he made from a manequin. The green colors were outstanding. You can find Darrin Butler here:  “Fo True”


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