Hola ! Welcome to San Antonio ! Blog Series #1 – History

Arriving downtown San Antonio is always so exciting. So much history, so many buildings and the smell of food cooking everywhere !

To appreciate San Antonio, you would need to love history, in particular, Texas History.

This blog entry will focus on the background history of San Antonio.

The City of San Antonio is one of the oldest Spanish colonization of the European settlements in Texas and was, for decades, its largest city. Before Spanish colonization, the site was occupied for thousands of years by varying cultures of indigenous peoples. The historic Payaya Indians were likely those who encountered the first Europeans.

Development of the Spanish colonial city followed construction of a fort in 1717. A Catholic mission and trading post were also established, and the town developed as the capital of Tejas, a province of colonial Spain. It was the northernmost settlement associated with the Hispanic culture of the Valley of Mexico.

After Mexico achieved independence in 1821, Anglo-American settlers entered the region from the United States. In 1849, Anglo-Americans gained control of San Antonio in the fighting that gained independence for the Republic of Texas. In 1845 Texas was annexed by the United States of America, and became a state.


Native American Indian statue downtown San Antonio by artist Hannibal Pianta. More about him in a future blog.

Here’s a little history:

The Indians of Texas Video – 3 minutes

History of Indians in San Antonio – PBS Video – 12 minutes

Spanish Missions In Texas Video – 2 minutes

The Alamo and Spanish Missions in San Antonio Modern Video – 1 minute

History of San Antonio Video – 21 minutes

 What about Mexico?

My next blog entry will discuss the history of Mexico (New Spain) and how Spain, Mexico and Texas helped to create San Antonio.



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