San Antonio Blog Post #3 – The Alamo and Texas’ fight for Independence from Mexico

IMG_20170616_175013678The main attraction in San Antonio, besides the beautiful Riverwalk, is the world famous Alamo Mission. The Alamo is the foundation of all Texas history. “Remember the Alamo” is a well known battle cry. Since I’m not trying to make this all about history, I will post a video for anyone wanting to learn about the battle for independence from Mexico.

Here we are in front of The Alamo. It was 107 degrees and I had not been feeling well for 2 days… so, yeah. I did not let that stop me. We walked everywhere that day. We didn’t make it to San Fernando Cathedral where my parents were married or to the St. Anthony Hotel where their reception was. Maybe next time.  Here are two short videos on these places.


The Texas Bucket List – San Fernando Cathedral – 5 minute video

St. Anthony Hotel – 3 minute video

The Truth behind What Really Happened at the Alamo


Mexican soldier inside the IMAX theatre where you can watch

Freedom – Battle of the Alamo


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