4th of July-World famous parade in Belton, TX and downtown Waco fireworks show


Of course it wouldn’t be a 4th of July without a parade. Always starting promptly at 10 a.m., the floats, bands, antique cars, decorated bicycles and other unique entries make their way down Main Street starting at 10th Ave., they then travel south to Central Ave., turn east and finish at Birdwell.
The first parade was held in 1850 with groups and organizations marching patriotically through downtown and became an annual event in 1919. From its humble beginnings, the parade now draws over 30,000 spectators, is broadcasted live on television, streamed instantly on the internet and has become a social media savvy event. Staying true to its roots, the parade continues to draw families back year after year.
The parade’s long-lasting heritage has not gone unnoticed by both local and national media. In 2008, USA Today named Belton’s 4th of July Parade as one of the nation’s “Top Ten Places to Fly Your Flag on the 4th.”

excerpt: http://www.rodeobelton.com/history.aspx



belton parade

We stopped into Miller’s Smokehouse new location and got our first Texas Monthly/Yeti BBQ challenge stamp.



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I didn’t get any good shots of the patio. There are big garage doors that pull up and the smokehouse becomes a nice place to hang out, drink beer and enjoy dinner.

Link to Miller’s Smokehouse

After enjoying a morning out we went home to rest and hang out with Max and Wendy and take cute pictures of them…


Aren’t they the cutest?

In the evening we headed out to downtown Waco to enjoy the fireworks on the Brazos River and Baylor University. A beautiful evening with live music, food trucks and lots of people dressed up in their 4th of July outfits.


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The fireworks were beautiful, of course. Here are the best shots I could get. Enjoy !



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