I am a “person of interest”. A target of someone else’s self- hate. Copy catters can’t hide. 😂

“It’s not you, it’s me. Yes, it is me. It’s me you are trying to be. Stop. You can not be me. You must be you.” – Teresa Kilpatrick

Copy me once, annoying. Copy me twice, I open my eyes. Copy me three times and you’re out!

Why am I sounding the alarm on this subject? Because it’s another level of the devil.

The devil is not original.

He does not have the true, pure, creative, nature of God. He mimics God and those he has his hooks in, he will lead to mimic also. These friends of the devil are not creative at all. They are haters, with no capacity for original thoughts and certainly no desire to create. As the devil hates God and his true children, so the devil’s children will hate God’s innocent, pure and creative children. They will try to steal your creativity and call it theirs. They will mimic you, copy you, compete with you, talk like you, look like you, and even try to steal or CONTROL your life, husband, home, children, your career. If they can’t succeed at any of that, they will at least try to steal the affection of those that love you or might love you. The smear campaign goes on behind the scenes, all while they smile at you, hug you and give you a Judas Kiss.

This is the way of a vampirish, narcissistic, jezebel.




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