Chris Stapleton – Fire Away, but watch out, because God loves me.

I’m pretty sure my guardian angel looks like Chris Stapleton. Well, the enemy took another shot at me, or he tried to. What the enemy needs to understand and remember is that I am a child of the living God ! Not a dead God. A living God who sees me, hears me, knows me, watches over me and guards me. The enemy just hates my marriage and my beautiful home. He hates it when I move fearlessly forward, when I’m promoted and when I do good.

Honey load up your questions
And pick up your sticks and your stones
And pretend I’m a shelter for heartaches that don’t have a home
Choose the words that cut like a razor
And all that I’ll say is
Fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

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He just doesn’t get it. I walk with God. God walks with me. I’m way cooler than the devil. I always find out the truth.

So, here is a big shout out to my God.

A love song of praise !

I used to spend my nights out in a bar room
Liquor was the only love I’ve known
But you rescued me from reaching
For the bottle
And you brought me back from
Being too far gone.
You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You’re as sweet as strawberry wine
You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
And I stay stoned on your love all the time.
I looked for love in all the same old places
Found the bottom of the bottle always dry
But when you poured out your heart
I didn’t waste it
‘Cause there nothing like your love
To get me high.

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