Guard your heart and your jewelry chest. Thieves don’t have boundaries.

My jewelry chest has been broken into 3 times by theives. Theives have no boundaries, just like a controlling narcoslob. They know they are getting into your personal space. That is their goal. They want everything that you hold dear to you, similar to all your valuables and trinkets tucked away in your jewelry chest. They know it’s yours and they want to invade your heart to control you. They don’t ask permission, they just feel entitled to take. Take your energy, your time, your goodness, take advantage of your kindness, your hard work, your finances, your generosity, your intelligence, your experience, your creativity, and anything they wish they had. They steal it and leave you exhausted and empty.

HOWEVER, what the enemy and his cohorts don’t know about me is, my valuables are stored elsewhere, hidden in God. He holds them for me and they can’t be taken from Him.

The futility of stealing costume jewelry is hilarious. The idiots think they are worth lots of money. The joke is on them.


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