Loser, Loser, Double Loser


I never lose. I always win. I’m always #winning. I’ll never be a loser, ever.

-Teresa Kilpatrick

I’m so confident in God’s love for me that when it appears I’m losing, I already know I’m going to come out on top. I just know it. He has the final word in my life and circumstances. Not me, not people, not jerks, no one but Him. Because my life belongs to Him. We have an agreement. I gave Him my life and so it is in His hands. What is in His hands can not be messed with. If you mess with me, you mess with Him, and only Him.



Don’t Mess With God’s Children

I want to tell you about a quiet, truth-loving, not particularly educated when it comes to Christianity, and yet the most godly girl I have ever met, and the things that happened to those that messed with her.
This girl was walking close with God. I knew this because she would tell me things that were totally beyond normal comprehension of someone that was not a Bible scholar. She always forgave her many enemies and prayed for them – relentless and constant was the stream of such.
The miracle was as I watched from a distance, I was amazed and eventually slightly scared (in a good way – what I would call the fear of God) when I saw the things that happened to those people that one after another, through jealously and their own ungodly un-forgiveness tried to make her life difficult both at work and at college – I watched how one by one God picked them off – literally removed them from the places where they were persecuting her!
Here is where I learned that yes – some may die standing up for God and His principles, but should He so choose, He is capable of fighting ALL your battles as He promises in the Bible and we should all know this and take it to heart, both as one that wants to be protected – or one that might be tempted to persecute faithful servants that He loves.
The flip-side and the scary part for me however was learning that to mess with one of God’s children is unlike messing with a human father’s children – where the response may be hard but all done in his own strength and often not effective.
When God does the intervening… the persecutor better watch out! Whilst God may allow your persecution to be effective for a while, this is only God allowing you to set you up for a spectacular fall when He brings down his hand on you and delivers his beloved from your schemes!
God will not be mocked – nor will he let His children that love Him with all their heart mind and soul be mocked.


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