Rose colored glasses, let’s talk. And that Springfling!

Springfling 2018

Paul has been wanting to give a BBQ party for the hard working Public Works employees. We put it all together with the Grand Opening of the new McGregor disc golf course and our family shootout weekend we like to bless our kids with. It’s always been an informal kind of get together, but we are thinking bigger these days. Because…..we should. Life is short and celebrating should be a priority in this crappy world. Maybe that’s negative, but real life can be very negative, unless you are wearing those rose colored glasses…

We’ve opted out of a few get togethers this past year, because frankly, we’ve been in a valley. One of those deep, daily deathly valleys. God leads us in and out of these places. Waiting on Him is the hardest part. It’s called faith. Sometimes we are told to be still and sometimes we are called to battle. It’s all exhausting.


Like Spring, our Winters do come to an end and everything becomes new and restored again. The best celebrations are in the Spring. We had a Springfling this year. Behind the scenes I was Spring cleaning my house too. It was a great thing for me to do.

All clean and shiney.

I put this video together with music from one of my very favorite bands, Lynard Skynard. Enjoy! And get out there and party!


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